The exclsive teaser trailer of Gautham Karthick’s next film ‘Indrajith’ directed by Kalaprabhu of ‘Sakkarakatti’ fame, was released with ‘Theri’ yesterday. The fantasy adventure film is produced by the director’s father himself, famous producer, Kalapuli S Dhanu.

Touted to be a high budget flick, the production started on 2014 and was wrapped recently with just post production left to be completed. The one minute trailer shows about an one man trail into a forest where he unveils a complex discovery that gradually pulls many people inside the situation. The exotic location, angles and CGI, captivates us instantly. Director Kalaprabhu who entered the industry with so much of promise fizzled out fast due to the commercial failure of Sakkarakatti. However, he has banked in his time and hard work in ‘Indrajith’ and we hope it pays off well for him.

Let’s wish the entire team to give us a fresh, exciting fantasy film!



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