India cinema’s prominent auteurs Bala and Bharathiraja have gone loggerheads over the screen adaptation of “Kutraparambarai.” Both the directors have set their eyes on the historical subject, leading to a rift in between them.

We have reported earlier that Bharathiraja has launched a film ‘Kutraparambarai’ last week based on a novel. In midst of this, the writer of the film Rathnakumar, has made a series of charges against Bala. Rathnakumar threatened to sue him if he makes the movie on “Kutraparambarai”.

After a series of allegations, director Bala finally decided to respond to them in a press meet held yesterday.

“They have pushed me to this stage where I am compelled to go public. Firstly, “Kutraparambarai” is not a story, but a real-life incident. Nobody can claim the right to it saying, ‘I wrote this story!’ This is history. Similarly, (a person) insisting that only I will make this into a film is very childish, because anybody can make a film on history” said director Bala in the press meet. He also clarified that his film is just a extract of ‘Kutraparambarai‘ novel mixed with major portion of a fictional screenplay written by himself.

Speaking against Rathna Kumar allegations  in an interview that he (Bala) and Velaa Ramamoorthy had gone to Bharathiraaja seeking employment, Bala ranted, “I have been an assistant only to Balu Mahendra and living in a policy that I will only call him Guru. I have starved on several occasions for this policy of mine.” 

With a cracking voice of anger and tears, Bala concluded by stating, “I cannot be patient any more. From now, if they open their mouths about me even once, whether it is good or not for me, it certainly isn’t going to be good for them”

Let’s hope that both of these pride of Indian cinema will smoothly conclude this problem soon and both the versions of film will be made without any disruptions.



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